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New Holland Skid Steers & Compact Track Loaders

You’ll complete your jobs more effectively with New Holland 200 Series skid steers and compact track loaders. New Holland introduced the long wheelbase concept to skid steers loaders, and now goes longer with the 200 series.  When combined with a low center of gravity and the correct front-to-rear weight distribution, the result is a smooth stable ride.

The patented New Holland Super Boom vertical lift linkage offers more height and reach which allows operators to load material into the center of high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. The New Holland 200 Series is easy to service, reducing downtime. With wide comfortable cabs, New Holland takes the extra steps to make operators as comfortable as possible.


Work Faster, Work Smarter

New Holland C227

Gross Horsepower 74
Rated Operating Capacity 2,700 lbs.
Operating Weight 8,270 lbs.

New Holland C232

74 Gross Horsepower
Rated Operating Capacity 3,200 lbs.
Operating Weight 9,630 lbs.

New Holland C238

90 Gross Horsepower
Rated Operating Capacity 3,800 lbs.
Operating Weight 10,100 lbs.

New Holland L220

67 Gross Horsepower
Rated Operating Capacity 2,000 lbs.
Operating Weight 6,470 lbs.

New Holland L228

74 Gross Horsepower
Rated Operating Capacity 2,800 lbs.
Operating Weight 8,245 lbs.

New Holland L230

90 Gross Horsepower
Rated Operating Capacity 3,000 lbs.
Operating Weight 8,735 lbs.

Need Help?

New Holland offers a wide array of options on all their Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders, along with a wide assortment of accessories. Talk to one of our specialists today and we’ll help you find the right loader and accessories for the jobs you need done!

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