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Clapp Brothers offers a wide selection of Mahindra tractors and utility vehicles to fit every need.  Mahindra is the world’s #1 selling tractor, with a customer satisfaction rating of 97% and a customer loyalty rating of 98%. Mahindra’s 5-year power train warranty is the industry’s best. Come visit us at our Siler City location, or our West End sales Lot, and review the entire lineup of rugged, dependable, and cost efficient Mahindra tractors and utility vehicles.
We’re certain you’ll find a Mahindra that will work for you.

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eMax Series

eMax series tractors have redefined performance, versatility, comfort, and safety for Tier IV compliant sub-compact tractors.  Featuring a complete range of available attachments and implements including a drive-over mower deck, snow removal equipment, and a backhoe that can be added at any time.  You have a powerful and versatile tractor, which features a 5-year power train warrant, and provides the industry’s best value.

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Max Series

The Max Series consists of Tier IV compliant sub-compact and mid-compact tractors, featuring a full-length tractor frame that allows a backhoe attachment at any time.  The Series offers a wide range of attachments including a drive-over mowing deck, with an available mulch kit.  The series utilizes a powerful and reliable Mitsubishi engine, a 5-year powertrain warranty, and the highest capacity loaders in its class.

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1500 Series

Premium 4WD Tier IV compact 33 to 38 HP tractors are ideal for light to medium applications.  The series offers heavy duty loaders and backhoes, drive-over mid-mount mowers, hydrostatic power steering and a choice of Ag or Turf tires. The industry’s best 5-year powertrain warranty is standard.

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2500 Series

Easy to operate 4WD mCRD-powered tractors ranging from 37 to 65 HP and 3 to 4 cylinder engines.  The Mahindra 2500 series is designed for general purpose farming and is economical and fuel efficient.  A cab version is available.  Premium performance without the premium price.

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3500 Series

The Mahindra 3500 series premium tractors are super-powered 4WD compact tractors designed for medium to heady-duty applications. The 3500 series boasts professional grade models with 35 to 50 HP 4 cylinder engines, heady-duty loaders, heavy-duty back hoes, Ag/Industrial/Turf tires, and a wide range of available accessories.  There is a model to meet your needs.  Mahindra’s industry leading 5-year power train warranty is standard.

Download 3500 Spec Sheet

4500 Series

The Mahindra 4500 series is made up of practical, no-nonsense 2WD & 4WD models with 40 to 65 HP availability.  Theses rugged tractors are designed for light to medium-duty applications with a wide range of implements that will meet your every need.  Fuel efficient 3 & 4 cylinder engines with larger tires and heavy operating weight, and the best in class loaders.  And of course, the Mahindra 5-year power train warranty is standard.

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mPower Series

The mPOWER series features Mahindra’s high horsepower tractors with Mahindra Common Rail Diesel fuel injected engines.  These are fuel efficient tractors with lower operating costs, which means more profits for you.  A 4 cylinder 74.4 HP engine 61 HP PTO and an 83 HP engine 70 HP PTO are available.  Loader lift capacity up to 4100 lbs.  This is your answer for eco-friendly and fuel efficient operation.

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mForce Series

The mFORCE series is a powerful, heavy-duty 105 HP professional full size tractor.   A wide array of implements and accessories are available, including a heavy-duty loader with 4,129 lbs. lift capability.  A roomy 2 door cab with exceptional visibility and comfort for all seasons is also available.  The Mahindra 5-year warranty is standard.  There is a model available to meet your every need.

Download mForce Spec Sheet

mPact XTV Utility Vehicles

Mahindra XTV Utility vehicles are designed to outperform the competition.  Built from the frame up, these are hardworking vehicles around the farm or in the field.  Where ever you are going, either for work or for play, a Mahindra XTV can take you there. Count on Mahindra to make an mPACT!

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Need Help?

Mahindra offers a lot of options in all their tractors series and a wide assortment of implements. Talk to one of our specialists today and we’ll help you find the right tractor and attachments for the jobs you need done!

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