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There’s a certain way of thinking that comes from living on a farm.  Farming takes equal parts brains and brawn.  Seasoned farmers know it helps to have equipment that’s built by farmers, sold by farmers and used by farmers.  When you place your confidence in New Holland hay equipment, you get the finest in local support.  At Clapp Brothers, we understand the many challenges you face and stand behind you at every step with the equipment, parts, and service you need.

For generations, New Holland has set the gold standard for haymaking. New Holland introduced the first successful automatic hay baler over 70 years ago, and continues today with the best hay equipment available.

New Holland RB450 Round Baler

New Holland Roll-Belt balers possess the newest design enhancements and smartest technology to ensure that they remain in the field. The design of Roll-Belt balers utilizes heavy-duty steel rolls in both the front of the baler as well as in the floor of the bale chamber. combined with short, tough belts in the back, to deliver fast, consistent, tight, uniform bales. This results in savings you time and money.

New Holland BC5070 Small Square Baler

The BC570 (14” x 18”) baler offers larger baling operations a wide, 75-inch, six-bar SuperSweep pickup guided by a 15 x 6.0-6 pneumatic gauge wheel to quickly gather the largest windrows.  The exclusive New Holland rotary feeding system is durable, reliable, easy to service and easy to adjust.

New Holland Mowers

Discbines swiftly turn heavy crop into fast-drying windrows.  From the economical seven-disc model to the highly productive 10-disc model, it’s easy to find a model that fits your needs.

Don’t need a mower that conditions?  The New Holland Disc Mower will cut your crop fast and efficient.

New Holland Rakes

New Holland ProCart deluxe carted wheels rakes are the professional’s choice for big raking capacity.  The New Holland family of ProCart wheel rakes gives you prlenty of choices.  From the handy eight-wheel 819 that rakes up to 18 feet wide, to the 12-wheel 1225 that rakes up to 24.5 feet wide, you rake more hay in every pass.

You’ll feed cleaner hay and more of it with New Holland Rolabar rakes.  And, no matter which model you choose, you can be sure you’re making a solid investment since New Holland rakes are built for tough conditions, reliable operation and long life.  Demand the performance of the original – the New Holland Rolabar rake.

New Holland Tedders

Don’t risk ruined hay!  Improve your odds to bale sooner – before it rains – with the help of a New Holland ProTed rotary tedder.   A ProTed rotary tedder helps you make high-quality hay even in difficult weather conditions. Tedding “fluffs” your crop and distributes it evenly to expose damp hay to sunlight and air, allowing the crop to dry quicker.  This speeds drying time allowing you to bale before bad weather hits.

Need Help?

Clapp Brothers associates are standing by to assist you with finding the right hay equipment for your needs. If you have questions – we have answers.

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